There is no better time to BUY than NOW!  Avoid 2019 manufacturer price increases!

Why wait until Spring when it CAN be done in the Winter? 

Avoid delays due to soft ground conditions and the road bans you face in the Spring. 

Our professional movers deliver homes all winter long and often have less issues because of the stable ground conditions.

The screw pile installers are still going strong and our after-service team are happy when we can keep them busy all year round!

Sub-contractors are typically less busy in the winter, making them more likely to meet your schedule and they can continue to work in the snow, when they can't always in the rain.

The trades who can help you prepare your site and get your services in , work all year round. 

Plus financing industry and government agencies slowdown in the winter months and can often get your approvals  in place in shorter timelines.

Lucky for you, our homes are built completely indoors so they don't face the challenges of the winter elements and the timelines can stay on schedule.

Just think…you can do all the prep during the “dreary winter months” and have that jump start into Spring so you can do your decks and landscaping earlier and be enjoying your new home and yard for the best months of the year!


Jamie the newest member of our Sales Team brings a wealth of experience from the building industry and is a welcome addition to our  team!

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