Did you grow up with a family cabin at the lake and it’s a place you really love to spend time?

 Are you like many people I know, our cottages were passed down by family or you purchased them long ago very inexpensively?

 We love them BUT many of them were literally little farmhouses moved in and set down on some blocks, most didn’t even have running water at one point. Now many of these little cabins require serious maintenance and you wonder if it might be easier to tear it down and build new?

 Have you gone as far as inquiring on steps to make repairs, only to find that new building code regulations within the parks, pretty much require you to build a brand new cottage in order to conform to the rules. Or they require you to lift the existing cabin and make expensive and sometimes extensive repairs and your bank isn’t excited about financing repair projects on leased land.

This has always bothered me…

 I didn’t want to lose a whole summer or two with construction or maintenance, and I love my little two bedroom cabin with hide a beds in the living room and bunks in the bedrooms.  I don’t want something grand… just something 4-season, that wasn’t rotting or needing serious maintenance. 

So I took this challenge on, Saskatchewan Provincial Parks gave me their list of requirements.  With the full encouragement and support of the Minard’s Steadfast Homes team I worked with the Triple M manufacturing team to find plans that would meet the parks requirements. We now have a few exclusive Cottage plans that incorporate park building standards, at a price that makes it affordable!

We can offer you the flexibility of having all the basic amenities taken care of and of course you can always choose to upgrade features to make it you custom  dream cottage.

Best part is it can be built in 12 weeks, delivered to your site ready to be hooked up and you are DONE!!  You can get back to enjoying the cottage lifestyle.

So I am happy to say we can now provide you with the cottage you desire!

From the small cottages with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, open concept living room/kitchen with windows and doors located  to suit your lot’s unique requirements. To the custom design of a larger cottage adding in the special features you would like such as a fireplace, jetted tub, skylights or metal roofs. 

Trouble free Cottage Life is waiting for you….. 

Pamela Maas


Pamela is from south eastern Saskatchewan. Her rural roots start from a farm north of Lang to now being a Weyburn resident for 20 years. Pam has four years of banking and mortgage experience, and another five years as a real estate agent, giving her a unique edge in helping you find your home and guiding you through the purchase process. 

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