Benefits of Rigid Wall Construction 


The Triple M Rigid Wall System is the only one of its kind.  There are many benefits which is why they are an industry leader and provide a quality Canadian-built product at a competitive price.

  • Exterior sheathing joints are staggered with sheet edges glued and stapled to solid framing.
  • Continuous interior belt rails for added strength and a drywall gluing surface.
  • Continuous 6 MIL vapour barrier. Increases energy efficiency.
  • Gpyroc is glued and fastened to reduce cracking during transport.
  • 2x3” fastened to the heel of the truss as well as fastened to the top plate of the wall.  Adds rigidity to the exterior wall during transport.
  • Insulated 2x6” double header. Increases efficiency and acts as a header for windows and doors.
  • Continuous 1x4” exterior belt rails. Adds rigidity to the entire wall structure.
  • Foam gasket between bottom plate and floor.  Ensures no air leakage between floor sheathing and wall.
  • Galvanized straps installed every 48” securing wall framing to the floor system.
  • Available wood web truss floor, used primarily on our modular homes.  Eliminates the need for extra beams in the basement.

All of these design features build in strength for finishing gyproc, minimize transportation deflection, allow for craning onto basement foundations, and aid in rolling onto pile foundations


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