1. What is the difference between all of our homes?

A Modular home is built in sections, either on a wood floor truss system or steel chassis and when transported to site it is installed on a permanent foundation.  You can find Modular homes in just about any neighborhood in every city throughout the country.  After a Modular home is installed, you often will not recognize that it was built off-site.  These homes can be built as one-piece (up to 30’ wide) or can come in multiple sections to connect together onsite creating your desirable home within minimal timeframe.  These homes are available in a self-contained or basement design.

A Manufactured home is usually built on a permanent steel chassis and can be installed on temporary blocking or a permanent foundation.  Commonly known as a single-wide, these homes have clear-span floor systems and come in dimensions 14’-24’ by various lengths.

Both homes are built to the building code of the province with 2’x6’ exterior walls, HE furnace, Low E windows and R40 insulation in the ceiling.

Factory Built housing is simply building a house inside a climate controlled factory.  Most Factory Built housing is done on an assembly line type set-up and as the home moves down the assembly line, workers specializing in different areas complete the necessary steps in the building process. As your home moves through the factory it is inspected multiple times every day through the different building stages.  The homes do not move onto the next stage of construction unless they pass their inspections.


2. Where are your homes built?

Our homes are built at Triple M Housing in Lethbridge, Alberta and SRI Homes in Estevan, Saskatchewan.


3. How long does it take to build a home?

The build time depends on your design.  Generally, it is 12 weeks from submitting your order until delivery.  Since our homes and structures are built indoors, they are never subject to weather delays.  While the home is being built, the site can be prepared and foundation installed.  If you are ordering a modular home that is arriving in sections, it will generally take another two to three weeks to finish the onsite work.


4. Can I order a custom built home?

Absolutely!  We will walk you through the customizing home process to help you achieve the home you desire, however this type of home requires more build time and the overall cost will be higher.


5. What are the advantages of buying one of our homes rather than building on site?

There are several advantages: cost, shorter time frame, climate controlled environment, improved project management and your home is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


6. What’s the price?

That depends on the design of the home, how many modules we are constructing and the specifications to which you want it built.  Generally speaking, our homes range in price from $84,900 for one of the more modest designs up to a millions dollars or more.  The average price for a single section manufactured home is about $150,000, with a moderate amount of options.  An RTM is often the next step up and will average between $180,000 to $350,000.  Once we get into the true modular plans, there is generally very little cost savings between building in factory or onsite, but we can complete your build time in about half the time as a site builder and will deliver to even the most remote of locations.


7. What’s included in the price?

Our stock homes are priced as home only.  Once we meet, you pick out your home and we know where the home will be delivered, we will do up a quote including delivery, set-up and additional services required.

With an order, the purchase price will include the home (including all options and upgrades you specifically chose), the delivery to your site, wood crib foundation and poly ground cover.

On site consultation with our Service Technicians and post-delivery inspection is always included in the purchase price.

Optional services that we could include would be: steel auger or concrete pilings or a basement foundation, cranes, insulated skirting packages (with or without installation), anchors, steps, decks, septic systems, wells or cisterns, reclamation, plumbing and electrical hook ups.  Some of these additional services would require quotes from subtrades.


8. Can I get a mortgage?

Yes, if the home is going onto owned land, banks or Credit Unions should finance factory built homes, RTMs, and commercial buildings the same as they would a site built structure.  If your home is going onto leased land, they could require a larger down payment but it is still possible.

You can inquire at your current lending institution as to the requirements to qualify for a mortgage on one of our homes.  If unsure of who to approach contact us- we keep a list of various institutions in different areas, who specialize in this type of lending.

9. What are the steps to take to purchase a home?

  • Meet with one of our salespeople to find your dream home.  We order our stock homes with a high level of customization so it might already be built and on our lot.
  • A salesperson will provide you with a quote.  Please note: any additional services you require will need to be built into the quote.
  • Put down a deposit to hold an existing stock home or to order a new home.
  • Work with your bank or our mortgage broker to set up financing.
  • When the financing is in place and the home is ready, it will be delivered to you.


10. What type of foundation should my home be placed on and who prepares this?

You have three options for the foundation of your home: screw piles, concrete piles or a basement.  This is determined by the type home you purchase, and is normally up to the buyer to arrange.  However, we do have several companies who work with us in this area and the cost of site preparation can be included in the price quoted for the home.

We also sell insulated skirting packages, which can be sold installed or as a self-install package if you prefer.

Single section modular homes (or manufactured homes) are often placed onto a gravel pad and wood blocking/cribbing systems.  A crawl space (perimeter grade) is also an option.


11. What happens after I purchase a home?

  • Our Service Technicians arrange to meet you onsite where the new home will be located, to check and advise you of any additional preparation before the home’s arrival.
  • Once all funds (final payment) are in place, a truck is booked to move the home and a delivery date is given.
  • On delivery day, the home is loaded and delivered (subject to weather and unforeseen road delay).
  • Once the home is in place and you have informed us that all utilities have been connected, one of our Service Technicians will get in touch with you to discuss any damages that may have occurred during the move and set up an appointment to inspect and repair.
  • The Service Technician’s initial visit will include a post-delivery inspection and they will repair anything that can be fixed or adjusted the same day.  They will also go through the warranties and information documents.  The other deficiencies and damages requiring warranty parts or further investigation will be addressed and handled in a follow-up visit.


12. Do I have to get insurance for my home?

You will need Homeowners insurance to be in place the day the home arrives on your lot. Once the home has been set on your property it is no longer insured by us, therefore to protect your home you need to have arranged for insurance to be in place for day of delivery.

Minard’s Steadfast Homes offers a one year warranty on all the homes we sell.  This covers any damage from moving the home or deficiencies that may arise within the first year.  After the one year warranty is up, you are still covered by Triple M Housing for 20 years and SRI Homes for 10 years (PAL Insurance) on any structural issues.  Each home comes with maintenance and warranty information, for you as a new homeowner to register additional products such as appliances, furnace and water heater that come with their own manufacturer’s warranty.


If you have any questions that are not listed here, please do not hesitate to ask!  We want to make sure you are taken care of from start to finish!


Pamela is from south eastern Saskatchewan. Her rural roots start from a farm north of Lang to now being a Weyburn resident for 20 years. Pam has four years of banking and mortgage experience, and another five years as a real estate agent, giving her a unique edge in helping you find your home and guiding you through the purchase process. 

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