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When you purchase a ready built or manufactured home from us at , Minards Steadfast Homes, we offer an On Location Site Check, at no extra cost to you as part of our personalized service.

We can cover the province and have checked sites in Regina, Moose Jaw, Yorkton and almost every other little town or village you can think of in between or beyond.

Why have the site chosen for your ready built home inspected in person?

We’ve found this step to be crucial for new home owners to understand any issues and exactly what their responsibilities are in order to prepare the site before their manufactured home arrives.

Our representative books a time to meet with you in person. This way his report can be delivered to you face to face and he‘s able to answer any questions that might arise at that time.

When he drives to your location he’s making note of available highways, distance, and any power or cable lines that might interfere with the home delivery. He maps out a route for the trucker to follow that presents the least amount of difficulty in delivering the manufactured home to your site.

We work with a couple of companies who’ve been in the home moving business many years and they constantly comment on what a pleasure it is to move our homes. Their route is always well mapped and thought out, so the move gets done right and on time and is the most cost effective for the customer.

Our site check representative has a list of standard items he’ll leave with you that let you know what needs to be done in advance to prepare your site to receive the home.

He’s also very knowledgeable about the types of foundations customers may choose and is able to offer some guidance on what you should consider in advance, to avoid any complications with placing the ready built home seamlessly on its foundation. He’ll discuss any obstacles in the way of the truck moving easily within your yard. These trucks are extremely large and heavy when the home is attached and aren’t able to maneuver in every direction when fully loaded.

If there are trees, buildings, or fences that will prevent the truck from placing the home in the desired location, they will either have to be relocated or removed to accommodate the home. In some cases customers have chosen a slightly different location than originally planned because of the desire to save old trees or buildings.

If it’s a site that is a tight fit and requires a crane to lift the home or some other form of extra manipulation it will add to the cost of your move, so it’s to your benefit to understand what your choices are prior to the home arriving.

We want your home to arrive in good condition and on time and “Moving Day” to be as exciting for you as the day you chose your home. Our personalized site checks have been developed to take the anxiety out of the move and give you that extra feeling of comfort that everything will go as planned, and your home is in good hands with, Minards Steadfast Homes. 

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