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The question we always hear from our customers, ‘is that a “mobile home”?’  The answer is: NO!  Manufactured homes are no longer labeled as mobile homes. Manufactured homes are NOT the same construction of a mobile home 40 years ago!  It’s not your Grandma’s mobile…
  Our visit to the Triple M factory simply affirmed everything we felt about this company.  Walking through on our plant tour we became very quickly aware of why these homes are produced with such high quality.
Do What You Love and Love What You Do…. My passion for my career began many years ago
Minard’s Steadfast Home’s celebrated our Grand Opening last week (October 16-19), and it was a huge success!  We had many people from all over the Province inquiring and making deals on our homes!  We are incredibly grateful for the growth and accomplishments of Steadfast Homes. 
Why we don’t use the phrase “mobile home” After World War II veterans returned home from the war, they realized that housing was in short supply. Small homes began to pop up that could be moved from one location to another.
If green home construction is important to you when buying a home, then we have some great news for you: our homes are among the greenest available.
 There are few things as exciting in life as buying your first home. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and independence.  Before you think about buying an existing home, consider these 5 reasons why you should buy a new home.
Did you know that our Triple M Homes carry the only 20-year new home warranty in the manufactured home industry? When you purchase any of our Triple M Homes models, not only will you get a home that is of superior quality, greener, less expensive,…
The Energy Star program identifies and promotes energy saving products, which in turn help protect the environment and lower energy bills for homeowners. The homes we sell that are Energy Star qualified come with 6 specific features that help you save the environment and save…
People automatically assume that the reason anyone buys a modular home is because they’re cheaper. The truth is that while cost is certainly one advantage, there are actually three main advantages: quality, time, and cost.